About Us

Health Intuitives was founded by Barry and Ruth Elwin-Jones in 2004. They created this website as a means to provide psychic, body scanning and healing services as well as to offer world class health products.

As talented healers they have been called to other spiritual projects and leave to us, their friends, to continue their services as Australian suppliers of some excellent health products.

Still, if you are ever in need of Barry and Ruth’s services, please do leave a message on the Contact Us page and we will ensure they receive it. Being the generous souls that they are, we are sure they will still be happy to help if they can.

We will endeavour to provide a high level of service and continue the good work which Barry and Ruth have started. We wish them well on their onward journeys as they start on their new projects.

And we welcome you, our customers, new and old. If we can be of any assistance, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please do drop us a line.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Colleen and Paul Williams

21st June 2011.