Curaderm BEC5 Reunification Procedure

Curaderm BEC5 Reunification Procedure 1

Sometimes the product can become separated into liquid if it has been heat stressed during transit. Normally it is best to keep Curaderm in the fridge but during transit this is often not possible. The efficacy of the active ingredient is not affected by heat but the product needs to be re-constituted so the active ingredient is evenly spread through the formula for the cream to be effective.

Here is the procedure to fix up the bottle that has separated into liquid due to high heat temperature –

  1. Place the bottle in hot water at 60 degrees Celcius until the entire product turns into liquid and separates completely. It will have the texture of water.
  2. Shake vigorously 20 – 30 times so all the ingredients blend together.
  3. Place the mixed formula into the ice chest/freezer for 15 minutes until the product resembles a cream.

The above process will ensure the active ingredient spreads throughout the formula.

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