End to User Accounts on Health Intuitives

Recent hacks and exposures of user account information on an assortment of websites around the world, got us thinking about why Health Intuitives has user accounts, and what we store the data for.

Considering browsers now can save the name and address information and other useful form inputs, then the usual website mantra of creating an account to save the customer details becomes a moot point, and just another vector for unscrupulous actors to get hold of it.

Together with the fact that the registration forms on sites based on WordPress (as this site is) are sources of attacks via email and more indirect means, we have decided that turning off registration on our site would have a more positive impact than trying to add all of the anti-spam/ anti-hack measures that would be required up and running.

We have not, at this stage, disabled logins. So if you already have an account, you can keep using it. We may revisit that in the future though if we have any issues with it.

Thanks for your support.