Curaderm BEC5

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A topical cream that may heal some skin lesions.  DO NOT USE ON MELANOMA. Do not use on dark pigmented lesions Рsee your health professional.

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Curaderm BEC5 3B.E. (QLD)

12 years ago I discovered this product [ Curaderm ] at a Brisbane Health Expo. Some time later a [skin] lesion appeared on my right shoulder. Reluctant to go under the knife again, as I had in the past, I rather foolishly did not seek treatment. Meanwhile the lesion had enlarged over the months to the size of a 20 cent piece and required dressing daily. I knew by this time I was in trouble because surgery would remove a large chunk of my shoulder to get a clear edge.

I desperately searched for the name of the cream that I had seen and taken literature for. Fortunately for me I found a supplier and began to apply as per instructions. 30 days later it was completely healed. That was 10 years ago. Since then I have had shoulder reconstruction surgery (notice the horizontal scar), I was concerned about the wound from the surgery and what it might cause cutting through the lesion. It healed as normal tissue would have. I owe Dr Cham a big thank you.

Warning: The product has a risk of separation in high heat temperatures and should be kept in the fridge. If the product received feels like it has the texture of water instead of a creamy texture when you shake it then please do not open the product but contact us immediately. We can advise you how to apply the simple Reunification procedure.

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2 reviews for Curaderm BEC5

  1. Duncan White (verified owner)

    Product was shipped promptly and arrived into my New Zealand post box in 8 days. No custom duties. Great. I’ve yet to try out the cream but I know it works because there are many online examples of perfect treatment. Currently I’ve been using Radium Weed from my garden and a brew of egg plant / apple cider vinegar which also helps. Curaderm is my backup for a difficult spot on my cheek.

  2. ShirleyN (verified owner)

    My husband has been using this cream for the past five years with excellent results. He has treated over 200 bcc and scc.

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