Doorway to Freedom by Barry Elwin-Jones


A book about our greatest gift – Freedom. The book contains 21 life lessons to work through. It is in PDF format.

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This book covers the following content

Nature of the human spirit
The foundation

Lesson 1 Laws of manifestation.

Lesson 2 Forgiveness: The doorway to Freedom

Lesson 3 Self Forgiveness.

Lesson 4 Self Love

Lesson 5 Letting Go

Lesson 6 Defence

Lesson 7 Judgement & Actions

Lesson 8 Relating to Others

Lesson 9 Detachment

Lesson 10 Fear: The absence of Love

Lesson 11 Equanimity of Mind

Lesson 12 Foresight & Compassion

Lesson 13 Truth the Province of Light

Lesson 14 Guilt

Lesson 15 The thoughts we think

Lesson 16 The words we speak

Lesson 17 Spiritual Responsibility

Lesson 18 The Way Home

Lesson 19 The Mind of God

Lesson 20 Above all else be true to your self

Lesson 21 Self Acceptance

Death’s illusion

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